How to Play Guitar

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GuitarWelcome to, the home of my various guitar ramblings. The site is an ever growing collection of resources that I think will be of value to the aspiring guitarist. Check out the lessons on the various scales you can use as well as the growing collection of resources relating to music theory, guitar playing, demos and backing tracks.

Online Guitar Apps

You can find a range of online apps to help learn guitar in our guitar apps section. There are apps to hep you learn the notes of the fretboard, to recognise intervals on the fretboard and to make a start into reading music.


There’s now a section on learning your first 8 open chords for students that are relatively new to the instrument.

I just posted The Learning Guitar Roadmap that provides a birds-eye view or roadmap to the process of learning guitar. This includes areas of playing such as rhythm, soloing and fingerstyle, techniques learned, theory and skills developed

Fingerstyle Guitar Demo

You can hear some of my electric guitar demos on my demo page, but here is a classical guitar version of Yesterday I just put together.

This is the first fingerstyle guitar video I’ve posted.


Some of my Original Demos

One thing I am intending to do with this site is get into some recordings of video content. In the mean time, I’ve just put up some recordings of some original tracks I did quite a few years ago. You can take a look here if you would like to check them out.

Featured Guitar Lessons

I tend to see a basic grasp of music theory as pretty important for guitar players. One of the first concepts to get a grip on is how to form chords from scales, which chords work together and why. If this sounds interesting, check out our article on forming chords from scales.

While on the topic of scales, our lesson on guitar scales shows the 6 most common guitar scales, their most common positions and what they are used for. This is a good lesson if you want to branch into more scale content on the site.

I’ve also summarized this scale lesson in our guitar scales chart.

Take a look at the chart to see what it is about:

guitar scales chart

Finally, our article on scale sequences talks about how and why to practice your scales in sequences.

Backing Tracks

To complement the material on guitar scales, we have a full range of backing tracks to practice your scales over and learn to improvise. The tracks are organised by the scales you can use to solo over them and there are tracks to practice your improvisation with the Blues scale, dorian mode, aeolian mode, major scale and more.

Enjoy! :)

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