How to Play Guitar

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GuitarWelcome to, the home of my various guitar ramblings. The site is an ever growing collection of resources that I think will be of value to the aspiring guitarist. Check out the lessons on the various scales you can use as well as the growing collection of resources relating to music theory, guitar playing, demos and backing tracks.

Online Guitar Apps

You can find a range of online apps to help learn guitar in our guitar apps section. There are apps to hep you learn the notes of the fretboard, to recognise intervals on the fretboard and to make a start into reading music. There is also a number of ear training apps to learn to recognise things like intervals and chords by ear.

Featured Guitar Lessons

Something I think is important when learning guitar is to develop a conceptual map or birds-eye view of the whole process. You might like to check out The Learning Guitar Roadmap for this. It includes areas of playing such as rhythm, soloing and fingerstyle, techniques learned, theory and skills developed.

If your new to the instrument the lesson on the first 8 open chords is a good place to start and will provide enough material to keep you occupied for some time.

Once you’ve got some skills at the instrument and want to start to get into soloing and improvisation, it would be good to take a look at the guitar scales section. This section outlines the most commonly used guitar scales and also introduces some basic theory such as how to form chords from scales that work together in the same key.

If you want to develop a stronger knowledge of the fretboard than that provided in the guitar scales section, I recommend taking a look at the section on the CAGED guitar system. This lesson will give you the skills you need to form the patterns for any scale or arpeggio by yourself all the way up the neck.

Backing Tracks

To complement the material on guitar scales, we have a full range of backing tracks to practice your scales over and learn to improvise. The tracks are organised by the scales you can use to solo over them and there are tracks to practice your improvisation with the Blues scale, dorian mode, aeolian mode, major scale and more.

Playing Demos

Finally, if you would like to take a listen to some of my playing you can check out some of my original demos and guitar videos at the playing demos page.

Enjoy! :)

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