Arpeggio Chord Type Ear Trainer

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Arpeggio Chord Type Ear Training

This app will train your ability to pick the chord type of arpeggios. Arpeggios are the notes of a chord played individually rather than together as in a chord. There are 10 chord types to pick from and you can test any combination of these chord types at a time.

There are a number of options to use the app in different ways. Arpeggios can be played in root position only or you can chose to include inversions. An inversion is when a chord tone other than the root note is the lowest note of the arpeggio.

The arpeggios can be played over one octave or two octaves. They can be played either ascending, descending or ascending then descending.

Additionally the arpeggios can either be payed straight up or down or you can chose to allow them to be played as sequences. You can read about sequences in our article on guitar scale sequences and this is then applied to the arpeggios. By allowing sequences and inversions, you start to get a number of ways that any chord type may be played, making the testing harder to pick out the chord type.

The arpeggios can be played at three different speeds and if you set the note speed to short they are played quite quickly. This should be quick enough to try to start to pick the overall impression of the chord type without having to consider each note your hearing.

There is also an option to hold the root note in the bass while the arpeggio is played. typically when a soloist plays an arpeggio, there is a clear indication of the root note in the accompaniment and this option helps with this. It’s also helpful to hear the root note like this if you are allowing inversions, as the root note will not always be the lowest note played in the arpeggio in this case.

I hope you find this tool helpful.

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