Guitar Philosophy

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You’ll have to excuse my tendency to philosophize about just about anything I’m interested in. I simply can’t help it. :)

This section of the site is devoted to articles that attempt to take a bird’s eye view of the process of learning guitar.

>> The Learning Guitar Roadmap

An overview of the stages and skills you will go through in learning guitar, including single note playing, chords, finger style, theory and techniques.

>> Practice, Rest and the Evolution of a Guitarist

This article talks about the importance of balancing your guitar practice with periods of rest from the instrument, both within your daily life and through your life as a musician. It also discusses two major phases many musicians go through in the process of learning an instrument.

>> The Value of a Music Theory

Considers how to evaluate how valuable any given theory of music is. The notion is heavily based on by the concept of Occam’s Razor where simple theories are to be preferred to more complex theories.

>> Visualization and Guitar Practice

Looks at the nature and benefits of integrating visualisation exercises into your guitar practice routine.

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  1. First time getting to your highly inspirational materials on guitar and i find them to be the guitarist guiding star to navigate the great ocean of the guitar. i want to say thanks for the method,structuring and accessibility to great learning.

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