Interval Note Namer

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Pick the Note!

What Note is:

Cb Db Eb Fb Gb Ab Bb

 C   D   E   F   G   A   B 

C# D# E# F# G# A# B#

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Interval Note Namer Information

This app is designed to ingrain a knowledge of the notes that comprise the various intervals. Similar to our other apps, you can play against the clock in game mode with a 99 second countdown timer or in practice mode.

The tool will prompt you with a question in the form which note is a certain interval above or below another note and you must pick the note.

Something to note here is that there are separate buttons for say C# and Db, … This is because, although these notes are of the same pitch, in the context of these intervals, these are considered different notes. Take a Perfect fifth for example. A perfect fifth above say C# must be not only 7 semitones above C#, but the letter name of the note must be 4 letter names above C, i.e. G. The correct answer here would be G#. Selecting Ab would be incorrect because even though it has the same pitch as C# the A is not 4 letter names above the C, but rather G is.

This then introduces the notes B#, Cb, E# and Fb. Consider for example a Major 2nd above
A#. This note must be some form of B rather than C as B is the letter following A (a second). To achieve the major second we then have the note B#. This is all fairly standard in music theory but can be confusing if you have not encountered these concepts before.

The app will test any interval from a Minor 2nd to a Major 7th. You can select which intervals are being tested in the interval table and see what percentage correct you have achieved for each interval. The options also allow you to select to be tested on ascending intervals, descending intervals or either ascending or descending intervals.

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  1. Sorry about that guys, I talked to a friend of mine who’s an expert & he told me b & c can both have flats in exotic modes.

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