Guitar Backing Tracks

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Welcome to the backing tracks section of Here we provide a range of backing tracks to help develop your soloing and improvisation.

These tracks have been provided by Jamplay from their backing track library and have been put together by leading guitarists such as David Wallimann, Kris Norris and Nick Kellie.

We’ve organised the tracks by the scales that can be used to solo over them:

>> Blues Guitar Backing Tracks

These blues tracks are ideal for practicing your improvisation with the blues scale or the minor pentatonic scale. Additionally, as the Dorian mode is the bluesiest of the major scale modes, it will work over many of these tracks too.

Sample Blues Backing Track:

The Thrill is Absent In A 

>> Minor Backing Tracks for the Aeolian Mode

Here are tracks designed to develop your soloing with the Aeolian mode or the natural minor scale. Additionally, as the notes of the minor pentatonic scale are all notes of the Aeolian mode you can also use the minor pentatonic scale with these tracks.

Sample Aeolian Backing Track:

E Minor Sadness 

>> Major Scale Backing Tracks

These tracks are formed from chord progressions based on the major scale and are the choice of tracks to practice your major scale improvisation.

Sample Major Scale Backing Track:

Ionian Machine in E Major 

>> Dorian Mode Backing Tracks

These backings are designed for use with the Dorian mode. A couple of the tracks in this section also involve changing the key of the Dorian scale you use during the solo. This provides a good introduction to changing scales through your improvisation.

Sample Dorian Mode Backing Track:

You Don't Say in D Minor 

>> Mixolydian Mode Backing Tracks

Here are the backing tracks to practice your Mixolydian soloing with.

Sample Mixolydian Mode Backing Track:

Mixolydian Groove in C 

>> More Backing Tracks for Other Scales and Changing Scales

The tracks here allow you to explore other scales than those used above. This section uses metal and jazz tracks. There are tracks to develop your soloing with the Phrygian Mode, the Phrygian Dominant scale, the harmonic minor scale and the Lydian mode. There are also jazz tracks that involve much more complex changing of scales through the progression.

Sample Metal Backing Track:

Modal Metal for E Phrygian 

Sample Jazz Backing Track:

Jazz Rhythm Changes in Bb (Uptempo Swing) 

Over 700 More Tracks

These tracks are provided by Jamplay, which is one of the leading online guitar courses containing video guitar lessons from a wide range of instructors and live video chat sessions with their instructors.

Their backing track library contains over 700 tracks put together by some of the best guitar instructors online.

I just took a few screenshots of their backing track library so you can have a bit of a members look at this section:


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  3 Responses to “Guitar Backing Tracks”

  1. I really enjoyed your back track examples. Would love to hear more of the Jazz tracks but I liked them all/

    • Thanks Rick,

      They’ve got a nice collection to pick from and I spent a fair bit of time going through them to come up with what I thought was a good, versatile selection of tracks. Glad you like them.

  2. av failed to download backing tracks, u provided no link for that or what?

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