Interval Fretboard Trainer

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Minor 2nd Major 2nd Minor 3rd Major 3rd

Unison Perfect 4th Tritone Perfect 5th Octave

Minor 6th Major 6th Minor 7th Major 7th

Minor 9th Major 9th Minor 10th Major 10th

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Interval Fretboard Trainer

This tool will help ingrain a knowledge of intervals on the guitar neck. After notes, intervals are probably the most fundamental building blocks of music. Each type of chord is constructed from a set of intervals and scales and arpeggios are formed through sequence of intervals.

The interval trainer will display two notes on the fretboard and you need to pick what the interval is between them. You can use the trainer in game or practice mode. Game mode gives you 99 seconds to pick as many intervals as you can while practice mode removes the countdown timer and adds a “Tell Me” feature to tell you the interval if your having problems.

The trainer can test all intervals from Unison up to a Major 10th. You can see your performance on each interval in the interval table and select which intervals you want to be tested. Additionally, altered tunings are supported.

I hope this is useful and feel free to leave any feedback in the comments below.

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  5 Responses to “Interval Fretboard Trainer”

  1. I’m fairly new to this, so its quite confusing to me. I guess I should learn the scales first hu?

  2. Can I use this interval trainer offline? Or can I download it?

    • Hi Dmitriy,

      No, the apps designed to be used online from the site. I haven’t developed a download version at this point.

  3. Great learning app. An additional function would helpful. You could group sets of strings. So an example would be to turn on only the GBE string. Then move up to DGBE and so on. That would help memorizing the intervals in a specific string group.

    Anyway thanks for great site


  4. Outstanding training app–this has helped me understanding intervals–thanks

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