Intonation Ear Trainer

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Develop you intonation by learning to pick the difference between notes that are less than a semitone apart. Start by picking if the second note is higher or lower than the first. As you get more right, the notes will get closer together.

Is the second note higher or lower than the first:


Intonation Ear Trainer Information

The intonation ear trainer is designed to help develop your ear for intonation, or how well you can pick if a note is in tune. Two notes will be played that are 100% of a semitone apart. Pick if the second note is higher or lower than the first. As you get answers right, the notes will get closer together until they are almost identical. See how small an interval you can differentiate.

Options allow you to play the notes melodically, one after the other, or harmonically where the first note continues playing while the second note plays. You can also fix the first note to be a high, medium or low note or have the first note change for each test.

Try different tones for each of the first and second note to hear subtle differences in pitch when the notes have a diffrent tones.

I hope you find this useful and feel free to provide feedback in the comments.

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  2 Responses to “Intonation Ear Trainer”

  1. It would be cool if you included a graph for collective scores.

  2. it is really fun but hard

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