Learn to Read Music Notes – Reading Music Staff Game

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Reading Music Game Information

This game is designed to help you learn to recognize the notes of the music staff. This is the first step in learning to read music. Repeatedly picking the note you see with feedback if you are correct or not should be one of the quickest ways to ingrain a knowledge of the notes of the staff.

There are 2 modes, game mode and practice mode.

Game Mode

Here, you have 99 seconds to pick as many music notes as you can. The game starts on your first pick of a note. Each correct pick gives you a point while each mistake costs a point on your score. Earn bonus points for getting a number of notes correct in a row. See your top 5 scores for this session and try to beat your previous scores.

Practice Mode

Practice picking the notes without a countdown timer. This option also adds a “Tell Me” feature to tell you the current note if your having troubles with it. Instead of a score, you can see the percentage of correct notes you have picked and the average time it has taken per correct guess.


You can configure the game with a number of options. This allows you to set the staff to treble clef or bass clef. You can also limit the range of notes to lines only, spaces only, a basic range or an extended range. Sharps and flats can be included or disabled.

I hope this is helpful and feel free to leave any feedback in the comments below.

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  5 Responses to “Learn to Read Music Notes – Reading Music Staff Game”

  1. Love this game! It is really helping me to learn and develop speed. One thing I did notice is that the scoring is not quite right. I get a lower score with 60 right with no errors than I did with 40 right and one error. The 5 in a row and 20 in a row reset when you make a mistake so you can actually achieve a higher score by making a mistake than not. While I am not driven by high scores, if one is tracking their progress this can be misleading.

    • Hi Patrick,

      Yeah, I noticed that when I was testing the game but actually thought I would leave it like that. I remembered when I played the old computer games back in the late 80s if I found a quirk like that with a game, sometimes I would actually play it more just to take advantage of the loop hole and get a higher score. :).


  3. Excellent for learning to read notes and note identification on the Guitar fret board.

  4. Really great game, but I wish I had the option to play treble clef and bass clef together.

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