Reading Music Fretboard Trainer

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To get the most out of this tool you will need some understanding of what the notes of the music staff are and the notes of the guitar fretboard. If you have not learned these things yet, you might like to try our music staff notes game or our guitar notes fretboard trainer first.

Click on the freboard where the note is located!

Pick the Note!


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Reading Music Fretboard Trainer Information

This tool is designed for people who may have been using the music notes game and guitar notes fretboard trainer and want to take their music reading to the next level.

See a note displayed on the staff and click on the fretboard where that note is located. Each note on the staff may have multiple notes on the fretboard that correspond to it and clicking any of these notes will register a correct answer. As well as trying to maximize your score you should train your music reading in different positions as well. For example sometimes you may want to always pick notes between the open and 4th fret unless the note is outside the range of notes in that position, and other times you may hone you selections on say the 5th to 9th frets or the 7th to 11th fret.

Options allow you to change the fretboard to an altered tuning or to limit the range of notes being presented on the staff. You can also enable or disable sharps and flats allowing you to get used to reading the natural notes first.

Play in game mode to pick as many correct notes as you can in 99 seconds with bonus points for getting a number of notes correct in a row. Practice mode allows you to play without a countdown timer and to get the tool to show you a possible fretboard location of the note if your having problems.

Update: I’ve just updated the tool with a “force position” option where you have to pick the note in a position that the game presents to you. Once you are doing well picking notes in any given position on the fretboard I recommend turning this option on to test your overall fretboard knowledge.

Enjoy, and feel free to provide feedback in the comments.

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  6 Responses to “Reading Music Fretboard Trainer”

  1. Excellent learning aid! I have searched before for something like this…found similar, but none anywhere near as good. Brilliant for combining learning the fretboard, AND reading music. Just need something now to get my timing kind of half decent!!

    Well done!

  2. Just starting out on the guitar and this is exactly what I need! Thank you so much for offering this exercise.

    The only improvement for me is if it would be to show the last note guessed- I finally get the note right on the fret board but then the note changes to the next one and I forget what note was the one I just guessed on.

  3. I’ve been playing for over 15 years solid but never really learned to read sheet music. I’ve been starting to brush up on my theory and this really helps for associating the notes on the staff with the actual fretboard.

  4. Could you make the fretboard a little bit wider please? These skinny frets are very off-putting. Otherwise it’s a perfect app. Thanks for making it available!

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