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Some Original Tracks

I intend to start to put more video demos on here soon, but in the mean time here are a few of my old tracks I recorded a few years ago. All these tracks are originals.

Funk Track

Here is a track with a clean funky sort of feel. I can’t quite remember if I recorded the initial drum loop and guitar parts with a loop station and then added a few other loops at other points with software or if most of the recording process was software based.

An Upbeat Acoustic Number

Here is an upbeat acoustic track. It was recorded with a Yamaha steel string acoustic going into a loop station and then into a miked acoustic regent 220 Epiphone amp.

Short Major Jazz Duet

I recorded this with an old vintage Emperador jazz box going into a loop station. I improvised the lead first and then put the chords behind the lead as a sort of free form backing.

A Heavier Track with Synths

Here is a heavier track that includes some synths. There are two distinct moods in the track, a soft eerie introduction followed by a heavier section with a building arrangement. When I put this track together the image was of a movie soundtrack with the music setting the mood. Very much inspired by the sort of action scenes you would see in a film like the Bourne Identity. At the time I recorded the distorted lead, I was really liking the idea of playing out of tune and out of time to try to give it a bit of a raw feel.

Slow Blues with a Jazz Influence

Here’s a video I recorded of a slow blues. I recorded the backing into a loop station before the track and then for the video I triggered the loop station and improvised for 3 rounds of the progression. The track is mainly a blues but has a definite jazz influence.

Classical Guitar

As well as electric, I also like to play classical guitar/fingerstyle. Here’s a classical guitar version of Yesterday. Electric and classical are so different in terms of both technique and the guitar I almost consider them different instruments. Let me know in the comments if you prefer the electric or the classical.

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  10 Responses to “Some Recordings”

  1. I enjoyed listening to your music. Thanks!

  2. I like your music and site . I really benefited from you explaining the different scales, and your SOBR approach
    I also meditate and realize now the importance of relaxing my whole body and minimizing tension.
    Thanks for your sight and teaching

  3. Thanks for the site. I didn’t catch your name, but I’ll go with Hendrix Wah? Kidding.
    Thanks for the intro to basic theory and scales and their chords, and your approach. The kids are all grown up, time for me to relax a bit. “Playing guitar” (I dont produce anything musical yet, so that term is a stretch) is definitely theraputic. It helps me relax and focus on something different than work. I”m not playing any songs, anything at all, just getting to know the fretboard in some detail.

    Best to you

    • Thanks Dan, the name is Brett, but I’d be quite happy with going with the tag “Hendrix Wah” :-).

      I’m glad you like the site,

  4. your awesome i need to learn how to play toxicity by system of a down could you teach me

    • Thanks Harry. Unfortunately I don’t teach guitar any more. I used to teach some students way back many years ago but haven’t taught since then.

  5. In re your question about classical/electric, I recently recorded using a nylon string guitar run through effects, both picking it and using a slide, and it produced a great electric sound while offering decent string bendability. Since then, I’ve acquired my first serious electric guitar (a Fender Strat), and it does offer greater bendability and sustain. Hard call, sir–for me, either type is better suited to different applications.

  6. very nice playing

  7. This is an amazing website for beginner guitarists. Also, found some cool stuff that might be useful for intermediate level players.
    Thanks for this website. Short and to the point. Love it.
    P.s. Can you add some basics of amp settings and pedal settings? (No brands, just the settings?) Thanks.

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