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Welcome to the online guitar apps section of the site. Here, I’ve developed some online apps to help you learn guitar. The apps focus on learning the notes of the fretboard as well as developing skills at reading music and recognising intervals on the fretboard. I’ve developed the exercises as games in which you have 99 seconds to try and pick as many correct options as you can. The tools:

Fretboard Notes

>> Guitar Notes Fretboard Trainer

Learn the notes of the fretboard by picking the displayed note. Countless top level guitarists believe knowing the notes of the fretboard is essential to get the most out of your playing, but it is surprising how many guitarists neglect this knowledge and only know the notes of say the bottom two strings or the notes on the first four frets.

Options allow altered tunings and limiting the range of strings or frets you are being tested on. Game mode tests you knowledge against a countdown timer, while practice mode can tell you the note if your having problems picking the note.

Reading Music

>> Reading the Music Staff

Learn to recognize the notes of the music staff. This is an important first step in learning to read music. You can test your recognition of notes on the treble or bass clef.

>> Reading Music Fretboard Trainer

Combines the above two tools by displaying a note on the music staff and you click on the fretboard where the note is located. Once you’ve got a good sense of the notes of the fretboard and music staff, this game will help you combine them.

Recognising Intervals

>> Interval Fretboard Trainer

See two dots displayed on the fretboard and pick the interval between them. The intervals between notes are fundamental building blocks of music and are used to construct chords and scales. This tool should help ingrain a recognition of intervals on the fretboard.

>> Interval Note Namer

Learn the notes that comprise intervals. Answer questions such as which note is a certain interval above or below another note.

Ear Training

>> Interval Ear Trainer

Learn to identify intervals by ear. The app will play two notes and you try and pick the interval between the notes. The notes can be played melodically or harmonically and there are a number of other options. Learning to recognize intervals is a common first step in ear training.

>> Intonation Ear Trainer

Develop your intonation by picking if the second note is higher or lower than the first for notes that are less than a semitone apart. The more correct picks you make the closer the notes get until they are almost identical.

Feel free to let me know in the comments if you have any feedback or suggestions on the apps.

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